Renovation at Old Oakland Golf Club – Ahead, Full Steam!

logoThe renovation of the South Course at Old Oakland Golf Club in Indianapolis, Indiana is in full swing.  This is phase two of the renovation plan.  Phase one was completed last year (2016) when the East Course was renovated.  Thanks to Old Oakland Golf Club’s owner Steve Sterrett, the club is on a path to being one of the finest private golf clubs in Indianapolis.  His investment into the infrastructure and design of the club’s three nine hole golf courses ensures the long term sustainability and success of Old Oakland Golf Club.  It is a pleasure and privilege to work with Old Oakland Golf Club in developing, designing and constructing the improvements to the golf courses.


7 East Green, 560 Yards, Par 5

This fall, the South and West Courses are being renovated along with substantial stream improvement projects on 4 golf holes.

We have assembled an exceptional team to accomplish the construction.  First of all, the golf course superintendent, Chase Walden, is the glue that keeps the project together and makes thing run as smoothly as possible.  Along with maintaining 27 holes, he is fantastically busy with the construction project.  His staff is incredible, too.  They are some of the hardest working golf course maintenance folks in the business.

Derek Dirksen is back again to shape all of the features and to assist in finish grading of the stream improvement projects.  Derek’s work is absolutely world class and is an important key to the success of the project.  Working hand in hand with Derek to shape the golf course’s features is an incredibly rewarding process for me.

Duininck Golf is the finish contractor that is installing all bunker elements, including the Better Billy Bunker system in the floors of the bunkers along with finishing and grassing.  Ted Nelson is the onsite construction superintendent and Judd Duininck, Ahren Habicht and Paul Deis are assisting throughout the project.  Duininck Golf’s skilled work and attention to detail is the best in golf course construction business.

Leibold Irrigation is back again to complete the installation of the irrigation system.  Their work is incredible and a pleasure to work with.

Williams Creek Consulting is designing and constructing the stream improvement projects.  Ted Blahnik and company are the best when is comes to environmental and civil engineering.  Their work will ensure the sustainability of Old Oakland’s golf holes that play along Indian Creek and its tributaries.

Doc O’Neal of Cohoat and O’Neal Management Corp. is the liason between Old Oakland’s membership and all of the activity of the construction project.  Cohoat and O’Neal Management Corp. is a fine company that manages many golf course in Indiana and works hard to provide golfers excellent places to test their games.

Work is progressing and the weather can not be better.  Below are some photographs of the construction up to the last week of September, 2017.  I will update the website from time to time with more information.  And, there are many photographs and videos that are made and posted daily at this Facebook gallery.

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