My Dad, Gary

DadAndMeThis is my dad, Gary, and me. He is one of the great architects of the contemporary era of the greatest game, golf. While his work might not have made the glossy magazines and been a point of contention in irrelevant discussions about top golf course lists in magazines (most likely because he didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money to construct his golf courses) his beloved designs are consistently enjoyed by golfers of all skills levels.

His designs are artistic in a way that utilizes the terrain to define the strategy and beauty of each golf hole. The putting green complexes are the brains behind every design, requiring precision approaches and accurate and confident putting to gain the benefit of a well played golf shot. Yet, the wayward golf shot is not unduly penalized.

In other words, his golf courses are fun to play by golfers of all skill levels. And, they are sustainable so they are affordable to play. In all of the financial turmoil of the past decade, none of my dad’s courses have closed because of financial hardship. Instead, they have continued to provide the golfing public, of all means, with wonderful golf courses to test their golfing abilities and enjoy the greatest game.

In my mind, this is a lifetime’s legacy that is impressive, is to be commended on the highest level, and is a benefit to all who want to escape day to day drudgery and play the golf, the greatest game, for a lifetime.

World class kudos to my dad, Gary, for making life enjoyable for golfers by designing and building some 46 golf courses over the course of his career, as one of the best golf course architects of this era.

Fox Run GC 12 & 13ComboFox Run Golf Club, Overlooking 12 Green and Hole 13

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