Pebble Brook Golf Club Update

The bunker project at Pebble Brook is essentially complete.  Brad Mays and Phil Ephlin and his crew have worked very hard to bring the bunkers to life.  Here are the finished bunkers on golf hole number fifteen green.

It is incredibly sad that Eldon Palmer passed away on June 30, 2016.  I knew Eldon since I worked at Pebble Brook Golf Club as a very young man.  I was there at the golf course when Eldon drove up after closing the deal to purchase the golf course.  Eldon’s love of Pebble Brook Golf Club was more than evident as he continued to operate it through many years of difficult times.  Today, the golf course is in great hands with John Nichols and Brad Mays at the helm and golfers of all ages and skill levels continue to love the club.

My relationship with Pebble Brook is special and has lasted for forty three years, which is hard to imagine.  One of the first golf courses that I designed with my father was the North Course in 1986, and it was a pleasure and privilege to re-work the bunkers with Brad Mays just this last year.

Here is an old photo of Red and Eldon made around the time that the North Course was under construction.  These are two gents that I will always miss.

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